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Woodcroft Farm, farmed by the Peart family since 1947, is a traditional hill livestock farm with a beef suckler herd and hill sheep. Farming life is always busy, so which ever time of year you decide to visit our holiday cottage, there will be plenty to see.


Every Season is different, but every year runs the same.

Welcome the new year in like we do, with the amazing Tar Barrels festival at Allendale! It's like nothing you will have never seen before! Grown men in fancy dress, carrying burning tar on their heads, which they then throw at a pile of old Christmas trees to light a huge bonfire at the stroke of midnight. Celebrate the new year in style and sing "Auld Lang Syne" with complete strangers.

January though till February, almost like clock work, snow falls and Woodcroft Turns in to a winter Wonderland. you've never been sledging until you've been sledging at Woodcroft, the field just over from Yeka Byre Cottage is the perfect sledging hill and is available to you upon request! Is there any better feeling than coming inside to a warm cottage after playing in the snow, to a hot chocolate with 


March has arrived and lambing time is already in full swing. This means you will see lots of tired and weary farmers until May. Although we are a tired bunch, it is defiantly one of the most rewarding times of the year. New life is everywhere - Lambs skipping in the fields, blossom blooming from all of our trees, and 50 year old daffodils springing to life, tempting the bees our of their hibernation. This is a special time definitely not to be missed.

Summer is finally here! Woodcroft Holidays busiest time - and you can see why. The grass is long and full of life, its any wildlife photographer dream. Wild hen Pheasants make their way through the lush grass, with their broods off 3 or more chicks following behind them. Squrirels, Field mice and Voles scurry along the base of our tall beach trees collecting harvest for the harsh months ahead. Humble cows graze in fields happy to be out in warm evening air, after being cosy inside for 7 months. Our hills are alive with colour, blooming heather is not a sight to be missed, covering our fells in a blanket of purple flowers it is by far the most spectacular and beautiful sight in the dale. No matter which way you turn, there is beauty to be seen through out the summer.

The nights are getting darker, the air is getting cooler and the first leaf has finally fallen. This means only one thing, autumn is upon us and we can enjoy Woodcroft in all colours of burn orange. Don't forget your wellies as our walking paths get a littler bit muddier this time of year! A novelty perfect for little ones!  You will realise just how much peace and quiet we have this time of year, it won't be car noises and sirens keeping you up at night but the barn owls calling to one another in the breeze.

Then, just like that, we're back to winter. Dark skies, lit up with our beautiful moon, accompanied by millions of stars. Sit outside, in-front of the fir pit with a glass of Prosecco or hot chocolate and appreciate a night sky that isn't interrupted by the city light pollution. Peace with your family that will be cherished forever.

Organic Freshly sourced food available
Walking & Cycling Tracks Everywhere
Private BBQ Area
& Fire Pit
Self catering

"We have just spent nearly a week at Yeka cottage over the New Year. Had a great time, beautiful setting and very peaceful. The cottage is very well equipped and very warm, good job as some of the nights where well past zero.The beds where super comfy, and I am very picky on the bed! We will certainly go back to the cottage this year, it's a shame it's a 180 miles away as they would see us most months for sure. The owners were very helpful and wish we had had a look around the farm but time flew, would highly recommend this place, little gem we have found!"


"A lovely, well appointed cottage set in beautiful surroundings in Weardale. We stayed for a weekend in February and were warmly welcomed by the owner who has gone to every length to make sure this cottage has everything you need for a relaxing break away. Perfect for a family holiday or a romantic hide away, a great base for exploring and somewhere warm and cosy to come back to after a days adventures. Will be coming back, highly recommend."


"The views from every window are absolutely beautiful. The cottage has a fresh feel to it and is immaculately clean. I especially like the heated floor in the bathroom! Our sons love playing with the toy farm that is left out for them when they visit.
Weardale itself is a great place to visit for families who like the outdoors and it is not at all touristy. There are nice walks on the farm, down to the farm's private stretch of the Wear and Sarah and Nicholas are the loveliest, thoughtful people who are on hand if you need help or suggestions for days out."


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